Training and Services

Our instructors are highly qualified, experienced and two are flight examiners. In addition we have a Radio Telephony Operator Flight Examiner. We run evening Theoretical Knowledge sessions at AOPA offices in Victoria.

Courses and ratings
IR (Restricted)
Theoretical Knowledge
Radio Telephony
Differences: variable pitch props, retractable undercarriage, glass cockpits and diesel engines.

We offer a full aircraft management support service.

Trial Lessons

Only £238 for a real hands on trial lesson

Come and try a trial lesson for only £238. A unique opportunity to experience the pleasure of learning to fly. An hour’s lesson and you are on the way to being a pilot.

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What do you need to get a PPL

Complete the 45 hour flying course of which 10 hours will be solo. Complete a qualifying cross country and a skills test.

  • Pass 9 theory exams:
    • Navigation
    • Air Law
    • H P & L
    • Meteorology
    • Communication
    • Aircraft General Knowledge
    • Operational Procedures
    • Flight Planning
    • Principles of Flight
  • Pass the Radio Telephony practical
  • Get a Class 2 Medical


  • Equipment you will need:
    • CRP5 Circular Slide Rule
    • Topographical chart for Southern England 1:500 000
    • Protractor
    • Ruler
    • Kneeboard
    • Check List
    • flight bag

All these items can be purchased individually or as a package from the Flyers Flying school.