The Private Pilot Licence

The PPL is a minimum 45 hour course, of which 10 hours minimum will be solo. It has to include 9 theory exams and qualifying cross country of 156 nms and a skills test. These lessons can be scheduled to suit your life style. Each student is allocated a dedicated instructor to give continuity. We use PA28s and one is Avidyne which is a great introduction to the glass cockpit. It is necessary to have a Class II medical

Pass 9 Theory exams:
Air Law
H P &L
Aircraft General Knowledge
Operational Procedures
Flight Planning
Principles of Flight

Equipment you will need:
CRP5 Circular Slide Rule
Topographical chart for Southern England 1:500 000
Check List
Flight bag

All these items can be purchased individually or as a package from the Flyers Flying school.

Our ground school instructor Adam Winter runs a weekly programme to cover all theory subjects.

Click here to email Adam Winter

The 9 exams can be taken be taken at or location.

We also offer the LAPL a minimum 32 hour course.